Projects 2020

1.DMT Battery Revitalization 2020
Refurbishment & Upgrade of Hotel BTS Battery Capacity 85 Sites, Sumatera Area

Projects 2019

1.DMT Solar Panel 2019
Solar Panel Supply and Installation for 33 Sites in Remote Area (Maluku and West Papua)

Projects 2018

 1.Solar Panel Project for Telecommunication Tower in Remote Area (Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua) for Dayamitra Telekomunikasi

Projects 2015

 1.Residential PV System, 8.6 kWp with 28 kWh OpzV battery system, November 2015
 2.University  of West Sulawesi, December 2015

Projects 2014

 1.Solar Water Pump Service, March 2014
 2.Residential PV System, 9 kWp with 38 kWh OpzV battery system, March 2014
 3.Residential Solar Street Light, May 2014
 4.PV System Relocation, PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi, August 2014
 5.RS Adi Husada, East Java, November 2014
 6.Residential PV System, 22 kWp with no battery, November 2014

Projects 2013

 1.PV system for Telecommunication with 38 kWh OpzV battery system, January 2013
 2.PV system for Telecommunication with 38 kWh OpzV battery system, February 2013
 3.Solar Street Light, July 2013
 4.On-grid PV System, September 2013

Projects 2012

 1.Marine PV System, January 2012
 2.PV system for Telecommunication with 96 kWh OpzV battery system, June 2012
 3.PV Installation Audit, December 2012

Projects 2011

 1.Residential PV System, 10 kWp with 44 kWh OpzV battery system, August 2011
 2.Solar Water Pump, School SDN 1 Blang Mangat, Aceh, December 2011

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