RE&EE – Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency


Solution integrator
Imprima’s expertise provide and integrate several available solutions to serve customer requirements, in the most effective and efficient ways.

Project developer
As project developer, Imprima handles all project development activities starting from surveys, feasibility studies, build financial models, contracts, permits, installation, construction management, and ongoing maintenance and operations contracts. Imprima manages all parties involved and is responsible for successful completion of a project.

Project consultant
Imprima provides its expertise to customers and other stakeholders to achieve best results via consultancy works.

Turnkey project implementation
The turnkey project implementation includes process of design engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

Equipment distributor
Imprima also provide high-quality products to fulfill customer requirements.

Project financing
Working closely with internal and external financial sources, Imprima provide financing to long and medium term projects.

Energy auditor
Imprima provides its expertise to inspect, survey and analyze the energy usage and flows in a building or system to reduce as much as possible the usage of fossil-energy while still maintaining building or system performance.





Energy Efficient Solution
Energy Efficiency Solutions offers a broad range of energy efficiency programs and products to solve your tough energy challenges. Our Energy Efficiency teams help develop, design and implement sustainable energy efficient buildings. This energy savings solution program starts with a detailed Energy Audit. A variety of tests is performed to evaluate the current state of energy efficiency and followed up with solutions for a more sustainable green building. This energy efficiency aims to reduce as much as possible the usage of fossil-eneergy and replace with environmentally safe energy sources. Products include in this category are heat pumps, solar thermal system, LED lighting, energy-efficient chilling system and other customized solution based on current customer’s system.
This solution is also available in ESCO system. Call us for further details.


PV Solar Energy Solution
Photovoltaic (PV) technologies convert the sun’s energy into electricity. As Indonesia is very rich with solar energy, solar PV energy solution is a very good solution for electricity in Indonesia. This solution covers residential, commercial & government buildings and even off-grid system in remote area where the PLN grid is not available or very limited. Financing is available under certain terms and conditions. Several products that utilizing sunlight, an abundant energy source in Indonesia, are available such as on-grid photovoltaic system, off-grid photovoltaic system, solar water pump, solar street light, small home system and some other products. The solutions are available in pre-packaged as well as customized solutions.

Energy Storage Solution
Supported by advanced technologies and manufacturers, we deliver complete energy storage solution. Imprima believe energy storage is a prime determinant of how quickly we can shift from fossil-fuel-dependent system to an effective use of renewable energy resources. Our solutions are powered by growing lithium ion batteries to advanced flow vanadium battery technology. Energy storage is one of challenging parts in renewable energy application. Several energy storage are available, from lithium-ion batteries to flow battery system.

Our RE&EE Experience 


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