Aplikanusa Lintasarta, PT

PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta (Lintasarta) was founded April 4th 1988. Experience as a provider of Datacom and Value Added Services in Indonesia encompassing all industry sectors, Lintasarta currently has more than 1100 corporate base customers with more than 13000 circuit managed including Frame Relay, Digital Data Network, VSAT IP, VPN MultiService and etc.

Lintasarta initial mission was to build an information technology network for banking industry nationwide. In cooperation with Central Bank of Indonesia (BI), Lintasarta implemented Electronic Banking Reporting Automation System. Lintasarta also pioneered Shared ATM Network in which each “Shared ATM” owned by certain banks can be used by other banks already registered as “Shared ATM” member. Lintasarta realized that telecommunication is the most critical aspect in empowering future growth for the banking industry.

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