Our Client :- Infracell Nusatama, PT

Infracell Nusatama, PT

The Republic of Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest nation. Its 220 million population is spread over an archipelago of more than 13,000 islands covering an area as broad as the United States. Despite its recent political and economic upheavals, Indonesia remains among the world’s largest potential markets for telecoms & IT products and services – both as a consumer and, in the case of manpower services, as a supplier.

P.T. Infracell Nusatama, incorporated in 1994 during Indonesia’s first wave of wireless network deployments, is actively involved in both areas:

* Through its Engineering Services Division*, as an exporter of the technical skills and manpower resources that are, quite literally, the ‘lifeblood’ of the international telecoms/IT industry……..its vital ‘human infrastructure’.

* Through its Market Services Division, as an importer/distributor/representative agent to a range of leading equipment vendors whose products provide the platform for Indonesia’s on-going telecoms development……..its physical ‘network infrastructure’.

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