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Indosat Mega Media, PT

Indosat Mega Media (Indosat M2) is the Internet, multimedia and other IP based services provider. Indosat M2 services include; High Speed / Dedicated Internet, Dial up Internet, TV Cable, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Hosting and Collocation, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), B2B and B2C E-Commerce.

Indosat M2 is fully owned subsidiary of Indosat (The Telecommunication Service Provider in Indonesia), and began operation on year 2000, servicing companies, organizations and individuals in Indonesia, supported by a highest capacity network connected to the Global Internet
Indosat Mega Media (Indosat M2) began implementing DataOn HumanSys (currently known as SunFish HR) Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in, 2002.

Before Indosat M2 chose SunFish HR to fulfill Indosat M2 Human Resources Information System (HRIS) requirement, many systems were thoroughly considered including Oracle and SAP.

Indosat M2 choose SunFish HR because of the complete catalog of features and capabilities, and also the flexibility to accommodated Indosat M2’s specific requirements while offering very affordable total cost of ownership.

Indosat M2 operates SunFish HR with a 500 user and 500 employee licenses with no server licenses limitation. Indosat M2 used Microsoft Windows operation system and Oracle databases.

Less than 3 months were needed to complete first phase of the system implementation, which included a detailed client requirement development and system customization. Indosat M2 decided to break up their SunFish HR into several phases to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

Indosat M2 HRIS first live use was on April 1, 2003. Initially, Employee Information and Time & Attendance were operating in parallel. The system required all employees within company to log in and log out using HRIS from their own workstation. Minimal time was needed for the entire workforce to learn and use the system. Soon many even commented they cannot imagine how they did without SunFish HR.

In January 2004, the SunFish HR Payroll Module at Indosat M2 went live. All data and information that related with payroll were prepared and tested during November & December 2003. The Appraisal and Training Modules are scheduled go live next.

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