Corporate Social Responsibility

PT Intertel Media Prima are socially responsible to the wider community, as a form of company attention in improving welfare and providing a positive impact on the environment

This social responsibility arises because the company is aware of the impact of business operations on the community in the form of economic impacts, social impacts, and environmental impacts.

Aktivitas Bank Sampah

Some of the activities carried out include:

1. Providing social assistance

2. Community empowerment

3. Garbage Bank

This activities involve employees and also the community around the company by collecting used goods in the form of cardboard, unused wood, paper and plastic bottles. Collaborating with the Gebruk Garbage Bank community located in Pondok Pinang Village where a collaboration has been established for four years since 2018.

The collected waste is then weighed and counted, then managed and given compensation in the form of money at a price per kilo that has been determined by the relevant agency.The money earned can be used and benefited the environment. (admin)

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